Essential Behavioral Health Fair Oaks

Surrounded by lush foliage, rolling streets, and thriving trees, Essential Behavioral Health in Fair Oaks, California is a unique outpatient and residential rehabilitation treatment center built around helping you heal and rebuild. The area surrounding our facility is known for the rich history around Fair Oaks and Sacramento and the culture of America’s “Farm-to-Fork” capital. These factors shape some of the home-style feelings of care you will experience with Essential Behavioral Health.

Coming to the west coast for healing isn’t a new idea and can be a breath of fresh air. Our location in the suburbs of California allows us to feel right at home. We are nestled in an area that feels like a real safe haven from the chaos of the greater Sacramento area. From spacious parks to secluded coffee shops, Fair Oaks has an atmosphere that has something for everyone. Aside from the suburban surroundings, our program offers state-of-the-art care via multiple program types.

Patients in our care will have the opportunity to participate in

  • comprehensive and flexible outpatient programs
  • evidence-based treatment
  • recovery residence programs

Our evidence-based treatment programs have an underlying emphasis on authentic, holistic approaches, focused on results that drive successful recoveries for you or your loved one. All of this is just part of what makes Essential Behavioral Health Fair Oaks so special.

Individualized Alcoholism Treatment Programs in the Heart of California

Located in a city known for its comfortable suburban feel surrounded by young professionals, coffee shops, parks and so much more, we recognize the importance and benefits of unique and individualized care. At our Fair Oaks locations, our clients can reflect on the community and togetherness that embodies the culture of the neighborhood. They can learn about the importance of focusing on and finding their own core personal identity.

Having an addiction can be challenging physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It can impact us all   sometimes it can even impact those around us that we love. We also recognize that everyone needs a different treatment plan and our programs allow us to shape therapies to each individual’s needs.

We’re able to make sure each patient truly receives that individual care with our network of trusted, local partners in the Sacramento area to provide high-quality accommodations at private recovery residences.

Alternatively, our intensive outpatient program provides treatment in a nurturing environment for clients who do not need 24-hour medical supervision, but who recognize the need for structure in their recovery journey for addiction, mental health, or both.

Programs typically run 1-3 months, although the duration may vary. Most clients meet three times per week for three hours each session

Our patients have the ability to experience the best Fair Oaks has to offer while receiving the help that they need. They have access to

  • State-of-the-art facility featuring accommodations like kitchen, common room and outdoors area
  • Culturally diverse environments nearby
  • World-class museums and cultural centers
  • Local parks and public transportation

What We Treat and the Essential Behavioral Health Difference

Dual diagnosis treatment is a cornerstone of our care, meaning that we have psychologists and psychiatrists on our regular staff, and ensure that underlying mental health issues are thoroughly treated. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing care for those with co-occurring disorders with the latest evidence-based practices.

Our treatment approach accounts for the critical role that mental illness and other disorders play in recovery. Also, evidence shows that treating underlying mental illness ensures recovery is more likely to stick.

Our Master’s-level clinicians are available to every client staying at our inpatient mental health facility. Our staff has deep experience addressing both addiction and mental health, and we see the treatment of co-occurring disorders as part of our mission. But, we don’t stop there.

We continue to care and provide each person with an empowered sense of self. After all, our treatment is rooted in the philosophy that recovery is a lifelong journey. We have built each program to address practical life challenges, while giving our clients ongoing support and encouragement long after leaving our care.

A Look at Our Fair Oaks-Based Addiction Treatment Program

Our intake process starts like most drug or alcohol rehab facilities, with a personalized assessment that allows us to get to know you so we can develop a unique plan based on your medical history, personality and goals. This is why Essential Behavioral Health’s treatment programs stand out among the rest.

A typical week in our treatment program for addiction to drugs or alcohol includes counseling, six days a week. Programs will be specifically tailored to your needs and will consider your personal health history, goals, and any co-occurring disorders that may affect your treatment.

Our intensive outpatient program provides treatment in a nurturing environment for clients who do not need 24-hour medical supervision, but who recognize the need for structure in their recovery journey for addiction, mental health, or both.

We treat each of our clients as people, looking not only at their addiction but at all their medical and mental wellness needs to get back on track. Taking a catered mental health approach to addiction also requires teaching our clients self-care, and ensuring that they have a proper after-care plan in place when they leave our rehab center.

We know that recovery as an ongoing process. The journey doesn’t end after treatment, and neither does our support for clients. Many of our clients stay connected to the recovery community after completing their treatment through our alumni programs.

Program features

  • Weekly individualized case management sessions
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Group therapy
  • On-site meetings
  • Local Community Residences that allow clients to focus on life in recovery without distraction
  • Amenities: on-site house manager, home kitchens, outdoor space and common areas with TVs.


Our team in Fair Oaks is standing by, ready to help you learn more about how our rehabilitation program can help you or a loved one today. Don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 725-3184. Get in touch with us today.